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In 2012, Kinetic HiFi was Charleston's first streaming full service radio station. In 2016, the station was purchased by South Brokers Marketing, which has put forth the following as the mission statement for the station:

"Our mission is to be a voice for the voiceless, the uninformed, the uneducated. To agitate on the political, social, economic, health and religious consciousness for the greater Charleston community. To be a vanguard against any force that seeks to corrupt, suppress or otherwise keep people ignorant. To lift the spirits of all people through spoken word, cultural forums and musical inspiration. is this vehicle. The platform that welcomes varying points of view. This is what we believe everyday. Our vision is clear. Our mission is based and grounded in our hope in God that we deliver on this promise everyday."

The station's journey to provide a voice to the community with an opportunity to share information and entertainment originating from the Holy City is continuing.

Today, we enjoy more than 25,000 local listeners and we're growing fast.

2018 Station Live Remotes and Appearances

The Marley Cup - MUSC Stadium

NCFD Family Fun Day - North Charleston Fire Museum

Spotlight Awards - Gaillard Center

KiHiFi Team

Darrell Robbins, Owner of SouthBrokers Marketing

Ramsey Lewis, Jr., Station Manager

Nigel Mott, Director of Sales

Shirley Temple Bickerstaff, News Director

Krystal Yeadon, Public Relations Specialist